Coaching Education

Utilising input from many reliable sources within the NZ snow sports industry, we have developed the Coaches Development Programme (CDP).

The CDP is here to help Coaches continue their education, expand their knowledge and refine their skills, all with the end goal of facilitating the development of Kiwi snow sport athletes. We have created three levels within the CDP; Entry-level Coach, Performance Coach and High-performance Coach. As detailed below, each level requires a number of off-snow generic coaching modules, as well as two on-snow sport-specific courses. Each stage ends with logged shadow hours where by coaches ‘shadow’ recognised senior coaches whilst on the job in their specific sports.

Coaches Development Programme (CDP)

Qualification Sports generic Sport specific

Entry-level Coach

The first stage of coaching education, catering towards development-level athletes.

  1. Online Module 1 (30min.)
  2. Online Module 2 (30min.)
  3. NZ Coach Approach & Leadership (1 day)
  4. Sports First Aid (2 days)
  1. Level One Instructing Certification (4 days)
  2. NZ Coach Level One (4 or 5 days)
  3. Logged shadow hours (25hrs.)

Performance Coach

The second stage of coaching education, catering for regional and potentially national competitive level athletes.

  1. Gaining the mental edge
  2. Physical Preparation and Recovery
  3. Injury Prevention and Analysis of Movement
  4. Fueling the Body
  5. (All four modules to be completed within a two day workshop)

  1. Judging Clinics, ROC Training (1 day)
  2. NZ Coach Level Two (5 or 8 days)
  3. Logged shadow hours (50hrs.)

High-performance Coach

STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, the third stage of coaching education will cater for national and junior international competitive level athletes.

  1. Certificate in Sports Management
  2. Certificate in Sports Psychology
  3. Certificate in Sports Physiology
  4. Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition
  1. International Rules and Regulations
  2. NZ Coach Level Three
  3. Logged shadow hours