What is Coaching?

Leading, training, guiding, teaching, mentoring, managing, organising, tutoring; the list goes on.

A snow sports coach is a person who directs and leads the progression of an athlete or a team of athletes, with the aim to achieve certain goals or develop specific skills. There are many different ways to coach, many distinct types of coaches and many variations of coaching methods.

Coaches not only teach or improve the physical skills involved in a sport but they lead and mentor their athletes in a huge range of areas from personal skills and ethics to physiology and psychology. Coaches should constantly strive to expand their knowledge across the many genres of sport science, and progress their skills in applying this knowledge to continue the development of their athletes.

Types of coaching

Coach Bell with an athlete

Professional Coaches are those that have pursued coaching as a career path and are being paid to deliver their skills and knowledge as a coach.

Non-professional Coaches are typically volunteers who offer their time to a person or an organisation for the purpose of leading, mentoring and developing an athlete or team of athletes. Whilst they are still capable of delivering high-quality coaching, they are typically less qualified and often have alternative career paths.

Many Non-professional Coaches volunteer their time through an organisation such as Disable Snowsports New Zealeand (DSNZ), Snowboard Outreach Society (SOS), or simply just your local ski club.

There are a number of other ways to coach non-professionally…

Coaching through Schools

Many schools do a phenomenal job of offering diverse sporting opportunities to their students. This, of course, includes many of our snow sports.

In 2008, well over 100 schools were represented at the North Island and South Island Secondary School Ski/Snowboard Championships. The North Island events saw over 500 athletes representing their schools, making these some of the largest participation events in New Zealand’s snow sports industry. Furthermore, did you know that approximately 90% of schools in New Zealand are within a 4 hours drive of a ski resort?

We certainly have the demand, now let’s create the supply. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved in snow sports coaching through a school.

Coaching a friend or family member

Families or friends often play a large part in the development of an athlete. If you have a close relationship with a budding athlete, be it family or friend, you have the opportunity to influence his or her athletic career in a big way.

Whether you’re some form of coach or just a supporting role, there is part to play and education to help. Click here to learn more about how you can help your relative or friend to succeed.